Treasure #3 (Previously Found)

New treasure alert!

Our cans are your destination:

Clue #1:

Don’t be a stiff, I got my best suit and my tie

With shiny silver dollar on either eye

I hear the chauffeur comin’ to my door

He says there’s room for maybe just one more

We want to thank our sponsors:

Jiffy’s Pawn

Shivers n’ jitters

Jade lion

Horseshoe Tattoo

Dinosaur Brew Haus

J & P Saddle

Betty’s Cafe

And the previous treasure hunters left a gift for you to find

Rigimotis Red was our clue for the last treasure. We felt that Oingo Boingo was very fitting for clues. Keep your eyes out for the next one, we have maps on our cans, that will guide you to the next treasure chest

Treasure alert! #3 was found at Dry Fork cemetery. (We didn’t dig up the ground, and we actually fixed several grave markers) The Gannon family found it after spending all day looking for it. We may have given them an extra hint after they told us they had been out there for hours. Hopefully they’ll leave a nice message in our guest book, for the next treasure hunters. Keep your eyes out for our next booty.

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